Bear Chase 50K

So two weeks ago I took on my fourth Ultra and my third 50k, It was kind of a last minute decision after the Tommyknocker 50K shenanigans.  I wanted an honest shot at another 50K on a forgiving course after my Dirty30 experience on a very unforgiving course!

This summer I have not really been running as much as person should to prepare for a 50k, instead I have been hiking and running where its comfortable on my 30by30 adventures, and grabbing a few midweek short runs or hikes on the trails of Boulder.  Elevation gain has been a big focus of mine this summer as well, and I feel like that alone as helped my running a ton! Running!
Early on in the race, Oh if I could only tell you to slow down!
I went into Bear Chase feeling really good about the race.  The race was in my old back yard and I used to bike and run there all the time, so I was excited to race on trails I was familiar with.  Unfortunately I showed up about 5 minutes after the 50k pack had taken off, but the RD was nice enough to let me still start the race!  Stupidly ignored the urge to start slow and conservative, I went out way too fast and by mile two I had finally talked myself into reigning it in a little.  The first small lap went really well, I was feeling strong, nothing hurt, I was eating and drinking.  Issues started creeping up about half way through the first big loop (Mile 15ish).  It started warming up quite a bit and Bear Creek Lake Park is very exposed, I quickly realized I was not taking in enough salt as I started fighting off cramps in my quads and calves. The water crossings were a nice quick relief to my cramping muscles.  At every aid station I made sure to grab the saltiest food possible and to make sure my water bottle was near empty before getting there.  The aid station volunteers were extremely helpful and refilled my bottle while I scavenged the table of food for potatoes chips and pretzels, one volunteer even suggested salting some watermelon.  I tried out the watermelon salt concoction at the next aid station, it was icky, definitely the 1st and last time I will every try that! Too Happy to be running!
You are running way too fast you noob!
Splashing in puddles
Forgot my arm floaties!Done
Done and done!

Around the 20 mile mark I started riding the pain train, my IT band and knee refused to cooperate with me, that along with the cramping muscles made the last 10 miles drag by!  At the last aid station I started chatting with a random runner running the 50K as well, I decided to stick with her for the remainder of the race.  We had the most random conversation about the zombie apocalypse, its very interesting the stuff you think of when your body 25 miles into a run.  I could probably write a book out of the goofy shit I think of while running!  I was shooting for a sub 6 hour finish and managed to finish in ~6:08:00 which I am happy with. Just gives me something to shoot for next year!

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