Grays and Torreys (Standard Route)

As my 30by30 challenge comes closer to a close I am starting to tick off some of the easier, close to Denver 14ers.  I consciously saved these 14ers for the end of the challenge because I knew it was inevitable I would hit snow and ice before I was finished and would much rather deal with those conditions on the tamer 14ers.  Ice
Ice in the morning, Muddy mess in the afternoon!
I took the same approach on these 2 as the rest of the peaks I have done.  Friday night I drove to the trail head, made myself comfy inside my sleeping bag in the back of the Forrester and hit the trail bright and early.  This was the first outing where it actually was a little cold, but it was nothing I could not escape by hunkering down in the sleeping bag. Definitely not the coldness I experienced while winter camping last year!Wind
Trying to photograph the wind!
Even with the snow cover there was really no route finding needed, the trail up to the summit of Grays was very obvious and easy to follow.  The only unpleasant part of the day was the incredibly brutal wind, I was actually considering the Kelso Ridge route but the wind would not quit! This wind made my time on each summit very short, usually I like to chill on the summit for a bit and grab pictures and eat a snack, but it was just not in the cards!Torreys
Heading over to TorreysGrays
Looking back at Grays from the saddle between Grays and TorreysTorreys Summit
Torreys summit – Winter is coming!
The summit of Torreys was completely deserted, I could see a lot of people turning around below the summit of Grays, I am going to say because of the wind, but I have no idea why they were turning around.  Over all I am glad I sucked it up and just dealt with the sub par weather because the summit of Torreys presented an amazing view of the obvious winter conditions hitting the high country!

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