Mt. Sherman (Southwest Ridge)+White Ridge, Sheridan, Horseshoe

Remember that time I said I was going to do 30 14ers in a season?  Well  that goal was finally met! I know Mt. Sherman is kind of a boring way to finish off the challenge, but its beginning to look a lot like winter in the high country and I would rather be safe than sorry!  I added on the three 13ers in the area to make it a little more exciting.

Mountain Sunrise
Another 14er fueled by a mountain sunrise.

So this adventure started off like the rest, leave late Friday afternoon, sleep in the Forrester at the TH, get an early start.  As it starts to get colder and colder its getting so much harder to get out of the sleeping bag!  Before I went to sleep I stuffed my sleeping bag with all of the clothes I planned on wearing the next day so I did not have to put cold clothes on.  Morning time came around very quickly, and I fought the ridiculous urge to pee for a good 30 minutes because I did not want to face the cold, I even contemplated using the empty water jug I had in the back of the car.  I finally gave up the battle and faced the cold, which was really not that bad once I put my warm clothes on and started moving around.

Mining Remnants
Remnants of the old mining operation.

Having hiked Sherman already I knew I was in for an easy day, even with the snow I could see the trail all the way up to the summit ridge.  The march up Sherman took a little over an hour and I could not justify driving and camping out overnight for a 2 hour hike so I started chasing random peaks off in the distance.  While on my peak chasing adventure I snuck in some glissading, running, and other shenanigans that had me smiling and giggling like a small child.  This was my first hike where I went out of my way to bag 13ers in the area and I am definitely hooked, there will be many more 13ers in my future!

Where I headed after Sherman and White Ridge.Overview
Where I came from.

My exact path was Sherman –> White Ridge –> Sherman –> Sheridan –> Horseshoe –> Bushwhack back to the car.  It was a very rewarding day and it felt incredible to finish off my 30by30 challenge with such a fun day.  Stay tuned for a who, what, when, where, and why 30by30 post recapping why I thought this was a good idea.

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