The Plan for New Zealand

A few weeks ago I announced on Instagram that I would be traveling to New Zealand to run in the Tarawera 100k.  There will be lots of firsts, including my first 100k, first time traveling abroad, and first time hiking a Volcano.  Here is a quick run down of the events I have planned.

Daily plan (weather permitting)

  • 1/31/15 (Saturday) Leave Denver
  • 12 hour flight + 20 hour time change
  • 2/2/15 (Monday) Arrive in Rotorua, Drive to Egmont National Park
  • 2/3/15 (Tuesday) Hike Mt Taranaki, Drive to National Park NZ
  • 2/4/15 (Wednesday) Hike the Tongariro Crossing + Mount Tongariro
  • 2/5/15 (Thursday) Hike Mount Ngauruhoe (Mt Doom) + Drive to Rotorua
  • 2/6/15 (Friday) Relax, Pre Race expo
  • 2/7/15 (Saturday) Tarawera 100k
  • 2/8/15 (Sunday) Recover / Relax in Rotorua
  • 2/9/15 (Monday) Recover / Relax in Rotorua
  • 2/10/15 (Tuesday) Fly back to Denver
  • 12 Hour flight + 20 hour time change

Race day info

  • Race start – 6AM Saturday (2AM Friday MST)
  • Live Tracking (Bib 499)
  • I will also try to post updates through out the race in the comments below.

Photo Dump (wifi permitting)


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