The Summer of 14ers! (30by30) FINISHED!

30by30” is a little challenge I decided to throw at myself.  I am turning 30 on November 7th of this year and would like to get 30 14ers in before then!

DONE —> Full Write up of this adventure

Complete 30 14er summits before November 7th.
Finish early if possible to avoid Winter conditions.
Have fun!

I will be using this page to track my progression and random stats along the way. Let me know if there are other stat’s you would like me to track and I will add them to this page (if its not something too crazy)! I am also open to suggestions on more efficient routes. I have 15 weekends so I need to average 2 14ers per weekend which I think is totally doable.

Here’s to a fun and busy summer. Wish me luck!